Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Britannia Fireworks are Finalists in the British Pyro musical Championships

Hours of planning, if not days and days of planning, weeks in the Magazine and Factory creating our biggest display of the year….The British Pyro Musical Championships.

The Britannia Team will be competing as finalists in this well know British Event at the end of this month, staging a 16 minute firework spectacular.

There has been a huge amount of planning and design work as well as innovation and hard work. Our dedication to find the very best effects has taken us to German Firework Factories, Spanish Firework Factories, our high end suppliers in China and to two factories here in the UK, and that’s all in the first 3 months of 2012!

Our style and approach has always been one of quality and innovation, seeking to evolve our displays and improve at every level. It’s likely that we won’t have the most fireworks in this event but as they say “it’s what you do with it that counts” and that’s precisely what we’ve been planning. We will bring a high quality product emphasis to the event and we hope this shines brightly in the colour of many of our Fireworks.

Ian has worked hard on a great choice of music, personal in some respects to both him and the team, but it will also strike a chord with many of the spectators to, both geographically and musically. It will raise a smile and a sense of pride as well as being down right entertaining..

There has been a lot of emphasis placed on the variety of tempo and music styles in the track selection; giving us the scope to use a wide variety of effects and to then try and tap into the emotion of each piece.

We really want to inspire and amaze but we also want to humble folks and bring thought and smiles to all that watch….The finale is suitably fitting for the occasion, and in fact the whole year that has been so well marked with some fantastic firework events at The Queens Diamond Jubilee as well as the Olympics and Paralympics in recent weeks.

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