Friday, May 16, 2008

Fireworks from around the World – Valencia Part 2

Now as with the Day Light shows the large night time Fireworks Displays all start with a set of Three Massive Maroons.

Aching a bit as you tend to have to stand around for an hour or so you find yourself clock watching waiting for 1am to arrive. Now while you wait there’s no shortage of entertainment, and the level of entertainment depends entirely on where you stand. It’s well known locally that the kids and youths and firework nutters hang around in or near the dry riverbed and enjoy hurling fireworks around at each other! Now I suppose to the un initiated it sounds terrifying and to a certain extent it is a little scary and you definitely need to be on your guard.

So long as you don’t walk through the middle and keep a few steps away you’ll be fine, its incredible to hear and see the fireworks going off, huge thunder maroons exploding on the floor and also Barrettas (Tourbillions) flying all over the place. It seems to me that your king of the group if you can catch under your foot a Barretta thrown by the opponents and pick it up and throw if back to them. To clarify this it means catching a rocket without a stick that’s hurtling around randomly, grasp it in the hand and throw it back, whilst all the time avoid being quite seriously burnt or hit by it.

BANG, the first of the three maroons goes off…there is now just ten minutes remaining until the show starts. By now people are really cramming in all around the dry river bed to see the Fireworks. You needed to have made your mind up earlier on in the day where you intended to view from as with 10 minutes to go there is absolutely no chance of changing you mind as many Roads were closed off well over an hour ago. My best advice is ensuring you’re up wind of the show, or at least definitely no downwind. The smoke can get very thick and blot out many of the gorgeous fireworks in the show.

BANG, the second maroon thunders across the city, the crowd are now starting to get excited, standing to their feet and getting themselves into a final viewing position. Many turning on cameras and video cameras so they can capture the mood. Looking around there are so many people, stretching far back into the streets off the main roads either side of the dry river bed, some lucky viewers are in the properties either side of the roads, with ringside seats up high on some balcony’s. Although these positions come with a small amount of risk as we have seen fireworks land in the balcony’s before now.

BANG the final Maroon shakes the ground and the Fireworks roar into life…..

Look out for Part Three as Lee will write down some snippets from his favourite display of 2008.

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