Monday, June 2, 2008

Fireworks from around the World – Valencia Part 3

Of the Four shows put on each night you notice that as you go from one day to the next the Firework Displays get much bigger, containing far more Fireworks than the previous nights. Many More Mortar Tubes and Shells can be seen along with loads more Roman Candles and Flying Saucers.

This particular show is from the Firing Site of the 2005 Las Fallas celebration and the site is courtesy of Ricardo Caballier from near Valencia. They are without doubt or at least in my opinion one of the best Firework Display Companies in the world. They have a whole cupboard full of international trophies and medals.

Whats even more impressive to me is the fact that they make and manufacture virtually every Firework which is on the site. My own company have imported Fireworks from them before and we have used a good number and variety of Spanish Fireworks over the last 14 years and they are certainly the best we have used. They are so reliable, spot on with timings and the quality of the compositions are also really on the mark.

The show that night in 2005 still sticks out in my mind, the Spanish companies really go in for colour coordination as well as coordination of colours with effects. The themes are really noticeable and you can see that both audience and operator get excited by being able to see these themes as they happen. They also make great use of firing rhythm which helps make the show exciting.

The part that really made an impression on me were the skill and timing used to take effectively small individual fireworks and create symmetrical patterns and firing rhythms’ that really got the hairs on end. It appealed to everyone, even someone who knows absolutely nothing about fireworks, and let’s face it that is the aim to simply entertain and entertain well!.

I brought back to Britannia Fireworks that day a vision that we would use rhythm and skill to create the shows we provided as well as just good quality material. That way the audience are clapping you and not just the Fireworks (as my Father would tell me!)

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