Thursday, July 3, 2008

Basic Fireworks Training Course


This is to ensure that Display Firers have a full understanding of these general areas-

· Background law covering the storage, transport, and use of fireworks, and the difficulties & responsibilities involved in the operation of a fireworks display

· Communication before the display with other parties

· What makes a suitable fireworks display site, including surrounding areas

· Transport of materials to the site, in safety and in compliance with regulations

· Practical aspects of setting up the fireworks display safely.

· Safe firing of the display, including spectator management

· Complete clearance of the site after the display, leaving it tidy and safe for the public


Delegates will be taught the theory behind the safe use of fireworks and will also receive lessons of a practical nature in the tasks associated with setting up safe firework displays in order the work towards BPA Exam Level 1.

The second phase will be a further training period with the delegate attending shows with Britannia Fireworks & Events , to ascertain his/her level of competence. Further to this various tasks will be given, educating and increasing the level of skill as the trainee works through to Level two of the training Scheme. The number of shows will be dependent upon previous experience held by the delegate (minimum 12 shows from level 1), as they will have to demonstrate that they are familiar with all aspects of setting up and firing a display


The principal aim behind the course will be safety, particularly with the safety of the public and spectators in mind. Also, that it covers all the responsibilities associated with the display, not only the “Firework” element of the display, but also other activities involved in organising the whole event etc… We feel that this is not only beneficial in terms of additional knowledge, and the possible involvement with crowd control and similar aspects, but also in communicating and understanding successfully the needs of our clients etc..


These are key background Regulations affecting the manufacture, supply, and use of fireworks, and the operation of displays. Fireworks are exempt from some of the regulations concerned with explosives, but are mentioned in passing so that Firers are at least aware of their existence and associated responsibilities. We shall also cover the basic principles of explosives in general

If you are interested in attending a Fireworks Training Course then please contact our team at Britannia Fireworks & Events

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