Thursday, June 26, 2008

Providing Events with Fireworks and Entertainment.

It’s no real secret that the team at Britannia Fireworks has over 20 years in the Fireworks Business; the Husband & Wife team have been part of the Fireworks business since 1995 where Lee began Fireworks with his Father. Since then Samantha became part of that team and really developed the marketing and organisation of Fireworks Displays and Weddings.

Naturally through that we became involved in so many Weddings and so many Events that we learned very quickly what makes a Good Event and even a Great Event. We have got to know lots of companies which specialise in so many different areas of the world of Events. Each of the companies supplying niche products and services; and each of them are doing a great job.

Now we have decided to take those contacts, that knowledge and begin stitching together our own brand of Event supply and co-ordination. Back in April we decided on Making Britannia Fireworks & Events, the name came from Lee’s own connection with the name Britannia Fireworks, a brand developed by him in earlier years, the fact that we are proudly British as well as a name that will define us as we branch out into European Markets. Samantha who is a great and natural organiser as well as a person who enjoys greatly the involvement in Weddings and all of the more feminine aspect to that side of the industry has added great enthusiasm for providing couples and other businesses with good quality services and products that help enhance their special occasion.

We are well placed already and have a head start when it comes to contacts and services that we can offer. Of course we will be providing Fireworks Displays but added to that we will be promoting other forms of visual entertainment to include Flame Projectors (both real and simulated) Confetti Products for stage use and hand held use at parties. We are also going to provide decorations for Tables, however we will have a slightly different approach to this, we will not be providing balloon decorating services albeit we will be promoting other suppliers, but we will be hosting some pretty unique ideas which are not widely available.

We also hope to start acting as a go between for various agents and entertainers, over the years we have seen some great entertainers, acts and themed ideas which we have used and work really well. Its taken well over 10 years to find some of them and undoubtedly has we not been involved in the business we are we would never have found them, and because of that we are very keen top pass on the people we know and have met, not only to help promote them, but also because we will know that you will be more than satisfied with what they can offer.

When it comes to Fireworks this will undoubtedly be a large part of what we do, but we are hoping to create a new challenge to better serve our customers. One key factor in Fireworks Displays is the ability to supply a quality service all over the UK, with increased travel costs becoming a major factor I am confident that over tie Fireworks Sourcing will become more localised as more companies become less interested in travelling for work. With this in mind our Company will be extending franchises to its network of firers and regions so we can service displays locally to you. Our Fireworks franchise which is on offer will be controlled by strict approaches to Safety, Services and Value for Money, basically the simple ingredients that we have learned in our journey in the last 14yrs.

If you would like information on our Franchise Plans please feel free to contact us at any time at

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