Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Art of Fireworks New & Old

I personally have now been involved since I was Nine years old that sounds madness in this day and age, especially in the almighty Health & Safety Days that we live in, the blame culture has got us all diving for cover behind administration and Risk Assessments

Of course the art of Fireworks Displays and making Fireworks is centuries old, it’s a form of grand entertainment that has been around longer than most things and its time proven fascination that keeps the industry going despite the enormous changes that have happened recently.

I think its in so many of us, the fascination of Fire and Light, Noise and Explosions, it gets the senses going, the Vision, The Hearing, The sense of touch ands the Fireworks Vibrate through the floor and our bodies. Its this part of it that’s old and part of our very being that makes fireworks interesting, emotional and exciting.

I was once told by my Father that when the audience clap they are applauding the fireworks and not the person who let them off. Now looking back at this, and baring in mind I know how personally my Dad felt about the displays he provided I know he didn’t really truly believe in that sentence. What I take from it and more so in the last couple of years is that its to easy to simply rely on manufactured fireworks, to lay them out and just put a match to them, that leads to complacency and that can lead to a number of things, not least safety concerns and customer dissatisfaction.

Now I have thought long and hard about what he said and as an artist (well kind of) and certainly a person, although slightly shy, one who does enjoy creating attention, and finally and most significantly someone who is very very competitive…mostly with myself! I am striving to be one of the best, and part of this has meant embracing (which we have found pretty easy and a natural step) and investing in some of the latest and best Firework Firing Technology and Computer Software.

This has lead our team to create some pretty awesome displays, you can view one at YouTube . I / We are now forever looking forward at Fireworks and Effects and are pushing to make ourselves one of the best. This will take years for sure, but hey can you imagine a better way of spending your time!

We use the Pyromate Smarthawk, Nighthawk and P45 units as well as our own Wireless small systems and DMX controllers for our flame projectors. As we are aiming to take part in some European Firework Competitions over the next few years we will be extending our hardware and pushing our learning to the limit so we can evolve, educate ourselves and hopefully make our Firework Displays more exciting, more innovative and better to watch.

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