Monday, June 9, 2008

Wedding Fireworks Displays with Music

Starting in 2008 we decide to try and bring Fireworks with Music to the masses. Despite what people might think there is such a huge difference in standard Fireworks Displays and those which are fired to music.

Yes we use the same fireworks in our music shows as we do in standard shows but its how we use them that is fundamentally different. In a standard show it’s the fireworks them selves which tend to dictate pace, colour and intensity yet with the music show it is of course the music which will dictate the pace of the show which will also dictate the colours and materials used.

Firing and Designing to music is nice because we get the chance to go through themes of colour and noise, quiet sections and heavy sections, the flow varies with the music and it’s a challenge to try and replicate the vision from the audible, to try and take that emotion created by the music and double up with a visual spectacle to.

Having done quite a few Music shows this year with Fireworks and Weddings its also been nice to get more involved with the clients at a more personal level. The music they choose for their wedding fireworks are chosen for a specific a very personal reason. Just last night we had a show where the bride was reduced to tears, the show was set to music from the “Gladiator”, I had a great time creating it as it was a fantastic choice of Music. We topped it off with Nessum Dorma and an entire sequence for the Finale in just pure gold…wow

At the other end of the scale we have put together a short show for this coming week for a Birthday Party, the client had a more tongue in cheek approach to the event and chose to play “Baywatch Theme” knowing full well this would raise smile. Funnily enough I happen to think the Firework Show will look great with that music, the tune and its pace work really well with Fireworks, its quite powerful and the though of David Hassle Hoff running through the smoke is enough for anyone.

Our team competed in the British Pyromusical Championships in 2003 and took a respected 2nd place, in the following year some of us also helped out All-star Fireworks when they won in 2004 using material imported by Britannia Fireworks.

Needless to say Fireworks and music are in our blood, we enjoy rising to the challenge and fulfilling our clients expectations if not actually surpassing them. We enjoy the challenge of good design and using the materials and effects we have to hand to create a visual spectacular using Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and other special effects. We also enjoy the embrace of modern Firework Firing Technology and the ability it gives us to replicate our vision using a combination of methods and skills, that for the most go un noticed in terms of behind the scenes work. Yet the up front explosion of Fireworks does not and there is nothing better than an ecstatic audience at the end of a show!

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